Monday, June 9, 2014

Unusual Opportunity

A week ago this past Thursday I had gone to feed horses on my way to work which is my usual routine. While I was waiting on them to finish eating I saw a large bird land in a tree just south of the barn. At first it looked like it's head was white. I said out loud "No way!" I thought I was looking at an eagle. An eagle has been spotted at our local State Park but the probability of it landing on a tree inside the city limits just down from my barn was just a bit absurd! I finally got a good enough look to tell it wasn't an eagle but it wasn't the kind of hawk I normally see. I tried to zoom in with my camera but
that was pointless. I decided to walk to the truck to get my SLR with a zoom. All the while I'm muttering under my breath "please don't leave" please don't leave"! I get back to the barn and he's still in the tree. I am in awe. I've never seen this type of hawk before! It made me late to work but I didn't care! (My boss didn't mind either I might add!) I looked it up and discovered that I think it's called a Mississippi Kite.

I felt so privileged to have gotten this opportunity.

That evening while I was in the yard with the dogs, I noticed this butterfly on my flowers.

Have a good one!

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  1. Oh wow! He's a beautiful hawk and I'm so glad he didn't leave! Beautiful photo of him and the butterfly!