Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Cross

On the East side of Mineral Wells located on a hill is a white cross. It can be seen best leaving town. It is the result of a vision of Leon and Evelyn Wiggins. The cross was erected in 1986. The surface of the cross was originally made of wood. Over the years and exposure to the elements it was showing great wear. A local group called Pray Mineral Wells long with several churches came together to organize a restoration effort as a symbol of what God is doing in our community.

This picture was taken by someone else the day after restoration looking toward Mineral Wells.

I was unable to attend the day of restoration. A few days later though I had the idea of going to the cross for sunset pictures.

The position of the sun when I first arrived.

I went in front of the cross to get this shot of the setting sun shining on it.

The sunset was not as colorful as I had hoped but it still made for some great pictures. It was nice to have a different location in which to view a sunset.

I took this using my zoom. I could have lightened it a bit but decided I liked it the way it was.

This really is a beautiful view. I need to come do this again.

Have a good one!

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