Thursday, May 15, 2014

I Love That Boy

I haven't had the interaction with Kashton that I did with Kennedy. I was afraid that he wouldn't bond with me like she did. Well, my fears were unfounded. Over the last several months he is reaching for me every time he sees me, wants me to hold him and when I do I just lays his head on my shoulder for a few seconds then looks up at me, smiles and lays his head down again. MELTS MY HEART! Such a little snuggler! When I get on to him he just falls apart!

Vanessa has gotten a part-time job to help with finances for a bit. Last Tuesday I kept Kashton. He loves to be outside. He loves to ride in the little red wagon that I have. I had taken the dogs outside and was throwing the frisbee for Kaidence when I noticed that Kashton had walked to the gate to the backyard. He grabbed a hold of it shaking it and spouting baby gibberish. I suspected what he wanted and decided to video it. (Unfortunately....Blogger will not let me upload this video for some reason. Keeps giving me an error message. I'll keep trying). I posted it on Facebook so if you saw it there its the same video.

I don't know if he would ever get tired of my pulling him around!

Sister joined him after Daddy went to pick her up from Mother's Day Out. Aren't they just the cutest?!

Thanks to Pintrest the guys are building a play/house bed frame for the girls that Vanessa saw. Kennedy is helping them figure out how high the windows need to be.

Kashton wants to do everything sister does. Kennedy was hungry when she got to the house so I made her a sandwich. She wanted to sit at my desk and watch TV. Kashton wanted to do the same although he didn't stay as long! This picture just cracks me up! What am I going to do when there is 4?! Lord, help me!

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  1. When there is 4 you will 4X busy. LOL. Love that last photo too. And the playhouse bed frame sounds fun! Can't wait to see it!