Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My Grandbabies and Bluebonnets

You all know how much I love Texas wildflowers! It's spring here in Texas (finally!) and despite the drought we are in the Bluebonnets are popping out! Not as thick or tall but up all the same!

Friday was Remi's last day with us this visitation and I went to visit. I had discovered a little patch of Bluebonnets a few streets down from Keannon & Vanessa's house and mentioned to Vanessa I would like to get the kids pictures in them. Vanessa asked me if I could handle it alone. I said "Sure"! (Don't know what I was thinking!!)

Remi and Kashton rode in a wagon while Kennedy chose to ride her bike. It was cloudy which I thought would make for a much better photography session in the wildflowers especially considering the time of day.

Kennedy couldn't quit squinting. She said it was too bright. I kept having her close her eyes and then open them again to try to get some pictures.

Remi complained about the "itchy" grass and ants crawling on her.

And Kashton...well, he was just a little Houdini! As you can see from this picture he wants to be moving! When I posted these pictures on Facebook Vanessa said she was going to enlarge this one and put it on the wall because she wanted pictures that captured her children's true personalities! It made for a good laugh!

Kashton was toddling down the street during this picture! Thank goodness it's a really quiet neighborhood!

The girls wanted their turns to take pictures. I set the camera on a tripod so they didn't have to hold it.  Remi took this one.

Kennedy took this one.

Kennedy took this one.

Remi got this one.

Remi took this one too. I wish I had got one with all of us but they were ready to be done!

One lone Indian Paintbrush among a sea of blue!

Have a good one!


  1. Ha, ha. Had to laugh. Taking photos of a kid is tricky and three is near impossible alone. But you did good. And I agree it does show their personality! The bluebonnets around here are for sure less than usual. I haven't gotten out to take any photos of them. I think it's because I got so many good photos a few years ago at the Bluebonnet Circle in Ennis. Which Brandy & Brandon went to last weekend and got some beautiful photos. She said there were not as many there this year as before but some have still not bloomed out all the way but then by they time they do the grasses are too tall.

    1. Thank you Sandy! I knew you would appreciate this blog! I was surprised we had any flowers at all as dry as it's been. Although sparse it's much better than I had thought it would be!