Thursday, April 10, 2014

Look Who's Here!

Remi arrived late Saturday night. We got to see her Sunday. She will be here two weeks. Since my Dad and Barbara were here we moved lunch to Vanessa's. My little kitchen just isn't big enough to seat 9 people without being cramped!  The girls are so excited about seeing each other that once lunch was over they disappeared and didn't ask me to come with them! I took this picture as we came to say our goodbyes. Neither of them asked to go home with me?!! What a shock! They were having too much fun! It's ok...I know they will want to come spend the night soon!

On Monday, Vanessa brought the kids by the office to say "hi". Kashton is trying to do what his sisters are doing. He's doing a pretty good job of hanging on!

Later that afternoon they came over to the house to visit. I tried to get a picture of all three but of course Kashton didn't want to cooperate. He is just too busy!

Mom with Kashton. Remi is riding the rocking horse and for some reason Kashton thinks it is extremely funny!

Sister thought Kashton needed help riding the horse.

Now this is interesting. The girls wanted to go for a walk. Dad wanted to go for a walk too. We decided to go all together but before we even left the house the girls started saying they wanted to ride in the wagon. So Dad pulled the girls in the wagon and I pushed Kashton in the stroller.

We walked to the cemetery. Here we are making our way back home.

Dad and Barbara have gone to San Antonio to see her brother for a couple of days. I hope to get some pics of them with the kids when they return.

We had a little Thunderstorm blow up just west of us as I was cooking dinner. It was short lived. It thundered a little and rained just enough to make the dirt stick to your shoes. When I went to feed the sun was setting just below the last of the clouds.

Look how much the colors change in just a few minutes! Once the sun went day the colors faded pretty quickly.

Have a good one!

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  1. Those kids are growing way to fast! Beautiful sunset photos!