Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Kashton Time with a Little Kennedy Mixed In

Last week I had the opportunity to keep Kashton for a little while. It was a beautiful day and it would just be wrong to not be out enjoying it. We went out in the back yard to play with a ball because Kashton likes balls.

That is when Kashton discovered the wagon. I think I pulled him in it for more than an hour in the yard. He LOVED it!

On another day Kennedy wanted to take the dogs for a walk. We walked to the cemetery which is almost a mile each way. I told her before we started she would have to walk the whole way as I couldn't carry her. She did it! Here we are on our way home.

Vanessa and the kids came over for supper one night. Kashton is big enough he can sit on the counter now. Kennedy is a really great big sister! She loves her brother so much! Makes me so happy!

Taking a moment from cooking dinner to take a selfie with Lil' Man.

Over the last few weeks he has taken notice of me and wants me to hold him all the time! I was afraid that because I didn't have the time with him that I did Kennedy he wouldn't be that way so I am pleased that he likes me! It won't be long probably before he starts asking to stay at my house just like Kennedy.

Have a good one!