Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Kashton's First Hair Cut

February 19th, two weeks before Kashton's 1st birthday, he received his first haircut. Vanessa tried to wait but she also wanted Daddy to be able to be there for the occasion. Our dear friend, Leslie was Kashton's stylist. She is known to the kids as Aunt Lez!

This is before he got his haircut. Sitting in his Daddy's lap.

He got tired of being still. Don't you just love his "bear crawl"?!

Too cute for his own good!

Aunt Lez wetting his hair to make it easier to cut.

Here we go!

I was surprised at how still he was! I'm sure it helped to be in Daddy's lap.

definitely changes his look.

Kashton favors his daddy!

Mission accomplished!

Have a good one!

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