Saturday, December 21, 2013

Kennedy Turns Four!

Kennedy turned four Wednesday December 18th.

Vanessa had planned a joint birthday party with Remi but two things happened. The first is Remi's mother went to court to have the visitation changed for December and then we had an ice storm. The party finally came together last Sunday December 14th.

The party theme was "cheerleading". The party was held at a local pizza place.

Vanessa did a great job of decorating. She made "spirit sticks" using paper towel rolls filling with candy and wrapping with tissue paper. These were the party favors the kids took home. She also had little footballs.
Vanessa wanted me to use the same stamp I used making the invitations to turn some white ordinary napkins into themed napkins for the party.

Kennedy with her cake. I think the girl on the cake looks like Kennedy!

Blowing out the candles!

CCS is the private school that Vanessa is the cheer coach for. Vanessa went there and now she's giving back. Kennedy got a uniform that matches the varsity girls. This three are part of the squad and attend our church. In honor of Kennedy's birthday they wore their uniforms. Kennedy was very happy!

Opening presents.

The pizza place had a game room. Vanessa provided a few quarters so the kids could play.

Birthday attendees.

Megaphone pinata`.

 And the candy falls!

Wednesday we celebrate her birthday and a friend of Vanessa's who shares Kennedy's birthday by eating lunch at Pulido's. My Dad and wife had made it to town the night before and joined us.

My dad with Kashton.

Later in the afternoon. Vanessa took Kennedy to see the movie Frozen and invited me to join them.

As we are leaving the movie theater the sky was filled with color! I've trained Kennedy well as she said "Look at the sky Savtah! It's pretty!" Yes, it is Kennedy!

Have a good one!


  1. Nice job! My mother put Barbie stickers on plain white envelopes for my sixth Bday party! One of the few parties I had and it snowed! I loved that sunset! I actually snapped a few shots too...... Did you like Frozen?!

    1. Yes...although there was lots of "magic" in it, maybe a bit intense and too long for Kennedy. I took her to the bathroom at one point mostly because I think she was tired of sitting still. I caught her at during the climatic part on the verge of tears and set her in my lap.

  2. Happy Birthday Kennedy! Love the party photos! Looks like a great time was had by all!