Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ice Storm 2013

Last Wednesday I did manage to finish getting Christmas lights on the roof. It was another pleasant day although not as warm as on Tuesday.

This job is a bit tedious and I needed to take a break for a bit as my back still hurts from being thrown. I laid on my back and enjoyed looking at the clouds. They were so beautiful.

I had hoped to get more decorating done outside but Kennedy came over. Mommy needed to take Daddy to the airport in order to fly to California for court, yet again regarding visitation with Remi. We just went in August and hoped we were done for awhile. What was I thinking?

The front began to move through Wednesday afternoon but the temperatures didn't drop drastically. In fact I chose not to blanket the horses Wednesday night because it wasn't going to be cold enough for that until the early morning hours.

When I awoke Thursday morning its was 34 degrees. It slowly continued to drop. I blanketed horses when I fed. It began to rain after lunch and was freezing on contact with elevated surfaces. I worked at the store although we closed about 4:30 when it began to sleet heavily. It was still not sticking on the roads yet at that point.
I fed horses early since I was already out. This is Clyde's Blanket. You can see the accumulation of sleet and what appears to be wet is frozen. The blankets are water-proof so all the horses were warm and dry.

As I was driving home, sleet was beginning to stick to the road. This is the street in front of our house. It continued to sleet and do so all night and into the morning.

Looking out my front door. It's looks like snow but I can assure you it's all sleet! I wasn't sure how slick it might be and I had not used my truck in 4WD before now so Doyle graciously offered to drive me over to feed horses.

All the horses were hanging out in the barn but came out when they heard me.

I had to shovel sleet from the door to the feed room.
 Chunk of ice I dug out from in front of the door.

Once back home the dogs of course wanted out. Gracie was trying to get Kaidence to chase her but ever since Gracie had Kaidence's head in her mouth she is very guarded and still growls under her breath at her.

The measurement I got in the yard. The news reported we got 3 inches. 1 inch or 3 it is still slick! Walking on it was reminiscent of the days when I was a child living in Missouri and the pond would freeze over.

The sleet did come to an end and skies were clearing by night fall.

Brrr!  To be continued!

Have a good one!

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  1. I must have just missed you at the store on that Thursday! Eddie and I stopped by to drop off my sample mini Christmas album for the Open House and then went to Tractor Supply and Walmart as he needed gloves and boots. Love your cloud photos and happy that you got most of your outside decorating done. We have not done any outside and except for maybe putting out my lighted Santa sleigh and reindeer once the ice all melts so I can stick it in the ground! Hope the hearing in California came out okay!