Tuesday, December 17, 2013

First Day Above Freezing

A week ago last Sunday was our first day with sunshine and above freezing temperatures but the window of above freezing temps and sunshine was small and didn't happen until Sunday afternoon. Many churches cancelled services. This is what the street in front of my house still looked like on Sunday morning.

I took advantage of the sunshine and finished my outside Christmas decorations. While I was doing those I got a call from Keannon. Kennedy had cabin fever and was chomping at the bit to come see me. The roads were melting on the hill and they had been sanded so Keannon brought her to me.

While I was finishing up with hanging lights on the porch, Kennedy was playing around in the sleet. Watching her pack the sleet into the frisbee gave me an idea to try to make a "(snow) sleetman" with Kennedy.

Yes, her little hands got cold!

I was trying to build him as big as she was but I realized real quick that even though the sleet was sticking together some I couldn't get it to pack very good other than straight up! So he's a bit thin! We couldn't find anything other than leaves to make his eyes and mouth but it worked.

Kennedy was pretty proud of our little creation!
Selfie with a bit of "sleetman" in our picture.

Kennedy insisted on taking a picture of me with "sleetman". I thought it was cute she managed to still get in the picture with her shadow.

 It was time to go feed horses. The ground wass still covered where they are. I had to pick ice out of the feet of Clyde and Diamond who have on shoes and the ice tends to pack on their feet.

Kennedy petting Patches

This was how thick the ice was. This is what a shoveled out of the North end of the barn entrance.

Kennedy also helped me put up the tree and begin to decorate. We found the antlers I had bought last year and took a moment to be silly!

 Not sure why she's so somber here. Think it maybe because the ornament she has in her hand was of a dog we had when Vanessa was a little girl. Of course Kennedy asked what happened to her and before I could answer she said "She died?" "Yes", I said.

Back to being silly! She wanted me to take a picture of her under the tree!

So the tree is decorated and presents are beginning to grow in number underneath. It should be, Christmas is one week from Wednesday! Eek! I'm not done with my shopping! I better get with it!

Have a good one!


  1. Love your post! So glad the sun came out really good on Sunday and melted most of the ice away! Love your Christmas tree photo as well as the photos of you, Kennedy and Mr. Sleetman. Ha, ha.