Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Weekend with the Peanut

It's been a long time since Kennedy has spent two night in a row with me. Her mom and dad had a wedding this past weekend close to the airport. They were both in the wedding party so they had rehearsal on Friday and the wedding on Saturday. Because of the distance they spent Friday night over there so Kennedy got to stay with me! I was a little bummed because I was still recovering from being thrown from my horse and was still really sore. So sore that I had to tell Kennedy I couldn't pick her up and I love to hold her! We still managed to have a really fun time!

She had a birthday party to attend on Saturday. It was a "Tea Party" birthday! It was held at a cute little place on the square in Weatherford called "Razzleberry Lane". The birthday girl is Bailey from Kennedy's class at Mother's Day Out.

Kennedy was very clingy when we arrived. She was so excited to go to the party that when she came to my house on Friday she showed me the invitation in her bag.

The girls could pick out a "princess dress" but Kennedy wouldn't do it.

Once they were dressed they got their nails painted


 make-up put on. Kennedy was up for that!

Once our nails are done and make applied it was time to sit at the table.

There were beautiful tea cups and saucers with little teaspoons. Because the spoon was there Kennedy drank her pink lemonade with it but then picked up the cup like a proper lady! I was impressed!

The girls were also given little sandwiches in the shape of crowns. Too cute!

There were cupcakes but the main cake was shaped as a teapot! Too stinking cute!

It was a really cute setup. This room is actually in the back of a store that sells children's clothes.

Look at those eyes!

A close up of one of the cupcakes and napkins.

The guests came outside for a group picture. I didn't have a very good angle as I was trying to let others get a picture.

Time for the birthday girl to open presents

After the party I took Kennedy to where else but McDonald's for a little lunch and play time!

Have a good one!


  1. Adorable birthday photos! Sorry you were still sore. Hope you are all better now!