Monday, November 25, 2013

We Dodged the Bullet!

After a week of gearing up for a major winter storm....we didn't have one. I know it's weird but I was kind of hoping we would. Well, the "child" inside me was. The adult in me on the other hand was not too keen on trying to take care of four horses in that kind of weather or trying to get to them to take care of them!

Meteorologists do not typically forecast out too many days unless they are pretty certain about an event. The first I knew there was a change coming was November 19th when the National Weather Service out of Fort Worth posted this picture on Facebook. This is one of my main "go-to" sights for weather information.

I have learned after watching the weather so closely for so many years and listening to meteorologists is that winter weather is extremely hard to forecast. There are so many variables to consider. The temperature in the atmosphere, the temperature at the ground,  how much moisture in the air. The temperature can change one degree and be the difference between liquid or frozen precipitation. Up until 8pm Sunday night we were in a "Winter Storm Warning", then downgraded to an advisory.  We ended up being spared any messy roads and just some icing on trees, fences and such.

Little icicles on the fencing.

We've gotten an inch and a half of rain out of this deal. Makes for a sloppy mess when I feed.

I just thought this was too cool. I was leaving after feeding last night. It was actually darker than this but I lightened the photo just a bit. There is a little icicle that is suspended in what appears to be thin air in the middle of this photo! You might think I just happened to catch it as it was falling but it is hanging there. I'm not sure what it's hanging by. When I tried to run my finger between the fence and the icicle there was something there but I couldn't see it!

Look who meet me at the fence this morning! I think they must have been hungry! I took off blankets. They had them on since Thursday night. Figured they would appreciate a break from wearing them and like to roll in the mud! I also don't want their winter hair to quit growing. I'll put them back on tonight as the temps are supposed to fall into the upper 20's then take them off again in the morning. That part is a chore but it's worth it knowing they are warm.

Have a good one!


  1. I'm glad it missed us! Love the horse blankets especially the teal one!

    1. Thanks Sandy! Everyone seems to like the teal one!