Saturday, November 23, 2013

Practice Paid Off

Last time I shared how I was working with the new horses to wear blankets without freaking out. I worked with them for 3 afternoons before the front arrived Thursday. Thursday was my day to work at the store. We had rain ahead of the front. In fact, just as I was leaving the store the bottom fell out. I made my way to the horses. They were all huddled up in the barn where I feed them waiting for my arrival. I got everyone feed and hay put out when the wind shifted to the North. The front had arrived.

I knew temps would drop fast once the front came through so I blanketed all four horses before I went home. By the time I got there I was wet, muddy and cold! At least I had peace of mind that the horses were taken care of.

When I awoke at just before six this morning it was 34 degrees. The 2 alerts were a "Freezing Rain Advisory" and a "Winter Storm Watch". The Freezing Rain Advisory was for this morning. The winter Storm Watch is for another wintery event to hit us Sunday!

 These guys are very snug and comfy!

By the time I was getting ready for work the temp had dropped.


I drug out my insulated coveralls from the closet and went to go feed horses. It was reassuring to see them nice and warm with their blankets on! All my days of practice paid off! Dixie on the left sporting her turquoise zebra stripped blanket and Diamond on the right. This blanket came with the horses so I only had to buy two.

Patches sporting her new purple blanket.

I get to the office and after I'm there a while I check the temp and it's dropped again! Do you see the wind chill? Its under the temp and says "feels like" 18! Brrrr!!!

Mom came by the office. Since her retirement she has come by the office about once a week to volunteer to help me or do anything else needing done at the church. She offered to take me to lunch.

As we leave the office it begins to sleet heavily! It sleets all during lunch and is still sleeting pretty heavy as we leave the restaurant. I decide to go by to check o the horses.

Everyone was doing just fine and all comfy under the awning of the barn. I went ahead and threw out some loose hay. The white stuff in the foreground is accumulation of sleet!

Well, it's about time to go feed again and figure out what I'm going to feed us! Thinking it maybe a great night for some "He-Man" Soup and cornbread!

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