Monday, November 18, 2013

I Think I'm Going to Live

I wasn't too sure a week ago.

I know there is a risk of getting hurt when dealing with large animals.

I was a little too trusting and let my guard down.

I was thrown from one of the new horses.

The one who I've been treating for a limp for about month, Patches. Sweet faced, gentle Patches. Well, so I

She had just taken her last dose of Bute and I wanted to start working her. The vet said I could ride her as long as I took it easy. For a change of pace I thought it would be nice to do something other than go round and round in the pen.

That...was my first mistake.

I had ridden her before and she did fine. I expected her to do something the first time I got on her and although she acted apprehensive she didn't do anything. After all she had been "trained" to ride!

I tied her to the pipe fence opposite of the trailer to saddle her. The first time I put the saddle on she acted skittish of the saddle blanket but not today. I put the saddle on without incident. I then got the bridle. I had taken the halter off and fastened it just around her neck so I could put the bridle on. I was going to take it off before I mounted when I had a brief thought "no...I'll leave it on until I mount then remove it once I'm in the saddle.

Well....that was the plan.

I put my foot in the stirrup and proceeded to mount. As soon as my butt hit the seat of the saddle she started pitching (bucking).

I quickly began to problem solve in my head. She could through me in the fence...not a good plan or I can try to "exit stage left" (also not a very good plan) and hope I don't do anything but hit the ground. The rest is kind of a blurr.

The next thing I know I landed flat on my back knocking the wind out of me. I manage to scramble out of the way as I can still hear her bucking and don't want to risk her stepping on or kicking me. I also hear the other horses making their way over to see what's going on.

It takes several seconds for me to catch my breath. I begin having a conversation with myself in my head. "Maybe if I roll over on my stomach it won't hurt so bad" I roll to my stomach. "Nope, maybe if I lay on my back". I roll to my back. "Nope, can I get up on my hands and knees?" I get up on all fours. "ok, if I take short breaths I can breath."

Then I realize I don't have my glasses. I think "oh crap!" cause I can't see hardly anything without them! By now Patches has stopped throwing a fit and is still. I see what I think are my glasses and crawl on all fours to grab them just as Dixie comes over to sniff me.

Thankfully my glasses appear to be intact. Just an earpiece seems a little sprung but wearable.

I'm breathing a little better but still very short breaths. I make a quick assessment and the only place I seem to have pain is in my back. 

Then the horseman in me comes out and I think "I can't let this incident go without addressing it."


I stand to my feet and make my way to Patches, untie her and lead her to the round pen. On the way there the stirrups are hitting her sides and she tries to run me over a couple of times.

Once in the round pen I take off the halter and proceed to work her. She tried to buck a few more times until I got her going... for about an hour....after the accident. She was wet all over by the time we were through.

It was all I could do to feed everyone. It hurt to pickup a feed bucket. Doyle had come out to do the wiring for the tank heater and said "I see that Patches is wet. I guess you rode her today." I said "Not, exactly." I told him what happened. He helped me finish taking care of them. Then chided me for not calling him.  The thought did cross my mind but I dismissed it when I felt like I wasn't in need of critical care.

I could hardly move. It took all my effort to get in my truck to come home. Once here, I take some Aleve. It takes the edge off but about 9:30pm I begin to envision a painful and sleepless night. I also have a conversation with myself  "what if you did break something and it's punctured a lung or lacerated something? What if you have internal bleeding? After all, you are 53...and you don't bounce like you once did! Don't be stupid!"

I ask Doyle what he thinks. He says "I don't have x-ray eyes. You won't know unless you go."

So... we make a trip to the ER. Nothing was broken...thankfully! They sent me home with pain meds.

I also discovered a bruise on my stomach. Don't know how that happened. It's possible I hit the horn of the saddle but I don't remember.

I have basically gone to work and come home for the past week. Surprisingly the only way I could get relief was to lay on my back! Wednesday was my worst day.

Today, one week since the incident I haven't had to take any meds for pain. Yeah! I am still sore but its bearable. I also went to work with horses but only for a short time and not to ride. Not sure if I am ready to lift a saddle yet.

Have a good one!


  1. Goodness! I'm so glad that this wasn't more serious and next time CALL Doyle!! So happy that you did go to the ER and get checked.