Tuesday, October 29, 2013

All I Can Say....

....is I'm frustrated.

Patches is still limping. She isn't worse but she's definitely not much better. I put a call into the vet on Friday. He got back to me on Saturday morning. He was really surprised she wasn't significantly better (so was I). She did good on the higher dose of Bute but when I decreased it she started stiffening up again. I gave her the last dose Saturday morning.

The Vet prescribed more Bute giving it to her twice a day for a week then decrease to once a day for another week. Give her two weeks off then begin light workouts. He did reassure me that these type of injuries just take time to heal.

Look at that sweet face! Her disposition is so docile. She is so pretty...well they all are. I tell them that every time I see them!

On a positive note, giving Patches two weeks off gives me more time to work with the other two. I am still working with Dixie to load in the trailer. We had success today!

For a couple of weeks she would put her front feet in but I couldn't get her all the way. Since I am by myself most of the time I didn't have anyone to encourage her from behind to get in. Then I got an idea. I remembered I had some horse treats. It worked! The way to her heart is through her stomach! I got her to get in the trailer all the way 3 times. The first time she did it I was so excited I hugged her! We'll keep working on it until she will willingly get in the trailer without me leading her in. At least that is my goal.

I'm still working with her in the round pen. Once we have the trailer loading down good then I think I will progress to trying to saddle her and getting her used to that.

Diamond. He's such a pretty BIG boy! He was feeling really frisky this day so I decided the round pen would be a great place to work off some of that energy before I got on!

We had a great ride. Some of the trees are beginning to turn colors.

Kennedy and Kashton (7 months) ready for a wagon ride.

Kennedy wanted to be "Bat Gurl" for Halloween. Since it falls in the middle of the week there were several Fall festivals this past weekend. Vanessa took Kennedy and her cousin Krystal. Vanessa got Krystal's costume after they left our house.

Have a good one!


  1. Hope Patches heals soon. I know it's hard watching and waiting. And as for Dixie but of course us girls like treats. LOL. And Diamond is a stunning horse. The kids are looking cute as always and I love Kennedy's costume!

    1. thanks Sandy! I appreciate your encouraging comments!