Wednesday, September 18, 2013

It's Football Season!

It may still be in the 90's but it's football season all the same. Vanessa registered Kennedy in PeeWee Cheerleading. She absolutely LOVES it! When you're around her now you're going to hear a cheer at some point! Her cousin, Krystal (a year older) is also cheering with her. Aren't their uniforms cute?!

She gets plenty of practice since Mommy coaches the Christian School cheer squad!

I know what you're thinking "her bow is on backwards". No its not according to Vanessa that is the "correct" way for cheerleaders to wear their hair bows. She even showed me a picture of girls in competition and they all wear their bows that way. I still looks backwards to me! You can tell some of the other Mom's thought the same as not all the girls have their hair bows on the same way!
Here's a short clip I took trying to get the girls doing a cheer.
If you can't find her she is on the front row on the right of the photo one over from the bigger girl.The cheer is "red, black and white. Come'on Rams let's fight".
Have a good one!

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  1. Cute! I would have thought the bow was backwards too. Never was into cheerleading and neither was Brandy so what do I know. LOL Cute photos and video!