Wednesday, September 4, 2013

First Day

Kennedy is enrolled in "Mother's Day Out" a ministry to the public by First Baptist Church. Kennedy refers to it as "school". She met her teacher and classmates last week. The "school" year started Tuesday. Kennedy was so excited. Right now the kids just live 3 blocks from the church so Kennedy, Mommy and Kashton walked her to "school".

I am very glad that Mommy got pictures!

She got a new "pack pack" as she calls it. She is so proud of it. She is carrying her mat for nap time. Gee, it won't be long before she really starts school!

 I spent part of my holiday driving Keannon and Remi to the airport. On the way back home I stopped at a McDonald's to have breakfast and let Kennedy burn off some energy. I had not seen a playground like this one. I don't think Kennedy had either. She was reluctant to go in the purple ball which is like a spaceship. She wasn't too sure about the webbing she had to crawl through to get to it until she saw a girl littler than her go. She got brave and cautiously made her way. You can see the delight of her accomplishment!

I did get her to eat pretty good but it took us about an hour! She would eat a bite or two then go play! It was ok with me really. Wasn't like I had anything I had to do.

We finally get on the road. About 40 minutes from home she falls asleep. She had already asked to come to my house.

We get home and find Granddad and Gracie in the Peanut Palace as the cleaning lady was still in the house. Granddad is eating lunch and Kennedy decides to eat again. She wants a bit of Granddad's "samich" because his are the best!

Have a good one!


  1. So cute! First day of "school". And yeah, it won't be long before it's real school. Goodness! Fun day at McDonald's and how awesome to have a house to go to while the main house is cleaned! Brandy has been cleaning my house and I have to leave the room. Ha, Ha. But not complaining!

    1. Thanks Sandy...Yes it is nice to have a little "get away"!