Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Remi Goes Home

Our three weeks with Remi has gone by so fast! The girls spent the night with me Thursday.
Mom came by to see them and let me get some pictures.
I LOVE these girls!
I pulled out the sleeper sofa. The only light on was the TV. I tried to take a picture and the light from the camera on my phone was so bright it blinded us! We all had a good laugh at how silly we looked!

Friday morning Granddad came home from work!

On Saturday morning the kids brought Remi by to see us before they left town to take her back to her mom. I had made her a brag book of photos taken of her visits with us.

Friday evening, Doyle & I were at PK Lake and saw this pair. They are protected up there so it's not unusual to see several.

On Sunday, Mom (Grammer) took is out to lunch. I managed a pic with the Lil' Man. He's such a sweet little guy! I will get some bonding time with him soon. The kids have court in Arkansas Monday regarding the contempt charges against Remi's mother. I am going with them to help care for Kashton.

Have a good one!

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  1. I hope Remi gets to visit again real soon! And regularly too! Love the photos, they show a special bond you all have with her. The deer photo is fabulous and of course you little man is adorable!