Sunday, July 14, 2013

Saturday After the Fourth

Vanessa and the kids were over most of the day Saturday. The day started with me making a big breakfast.
Isn't he a cutie! He's 4 months.
I get the pool out for Kennedy. First time since last year! She's almost too big for it!
After swimming Kennedy saw a butterfly had gotten in the water. I rescued him. Because his wings were wet he couldn't fly. Kennedy wanted to hold him.
She wanted to keep him. I tried to explain why she couldn't. Finally I convinced her to put him on a bush so his wings to dry.

Later that evening we went to Possum Kingdom Lake to watch their fireworks display. It's a really big deal and the word is it's pretty good.
Here's hubby with all the other people who came to watch. Here's a better view of where the fireworks will be discharged.
This location is called Hell's Gate. In between the two rock walls is a cove where many boats park and watch from the water.

The location we were at was YMCA Camp Grady Spruce. While we waited for it to get dark there was a critter house I took Kennedy into. Boy was I surprised!
Yes, Kennedy touched it but I failed to get a picture. I tried to get her to touch it again and she declined!

Unfortunately we never got to see the fireworks show as a 27 yo woman disappeared in the cove in Hell's gate so the show was cancelled. Sadly she was discovered the next day at the bottom of the cove.

Sunday evening we had a cookout having everyone over one last time before Dad and Barbara left to go home on Monday.
Keannon helping with get dinner ready.
Daddy and Kashton.
Mommy and Kashton.
Have a good one!


  1. Ewww...I would not have touched the snake the first time! So sad about the young lady in the cove. I guess she was swimming? A shame they didn't get to have the fireworks but then finding her was more important. Sad that she didn't survive. Adorable pics of the kids! Glad you had an wonderful holiday!

    1. I don't like snakes either but I think I could have touched this one as long as it wasn't close to his head! We've heard a couple of different stories about the young woman. If she would've had a life jacket on it might not have happened. Thanks Sandy for always being so good to leave me a comment even when I don't do a crafty blog!