Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Remi Goes Home

Remi went home Saturday. Because her flight was so early the kids spent the night with friends who live close to the airport on Friday.

Thursday Vanessa arranged with me to take the girls riding in the morning before it got hot. Because time was limited I got Clyde ready ahead of time so they would have more time to ride.

Clyde doesn't look to sure about this!

I was really glad that I had weedeated in the round pen the day before as Remi wanted to ride in it. I began to explain to them that the round pen is used to train horses and for teaching people how to ride. Remi retorted with great confidence "We don't have to learn how to ride. We already know how!" Yes, I laughed out loud!

After a couple of trips in the round pen they were ready to venture off somewhere else. They began to spot wildflowers and wanted me to pick them so they could give them to Mommy.
The sunflowers were both the girls favorite!
While waiting for Mommy to show up they wanted to comb Clyde's hair.

After Mommy comes to get them, I go on to work at the office.  It's Thursday so after I leave the office I go across the highway to the scrapbook store. Just as I leave the store for the day Vanessa sends me a message inviting me over for supper. I had already been thinking I would ask the girls to spend the night. Vanessa had also asked the other grandparents over. She set the girls up at their own table to eat.
 After supper and visiting, I take the girls to my house. Remi goes straight to my craft room. I decide to get my water colors out for them to paint with. Kennedy has used them before and loves them. They are actually called Twinkling H2O's by Luminarte. Still water colors but with mica in it giving it a sparkly effect. Remi had used water colors at home but this was her first time at my house. She loved the sparkle. I stamped some images on water color paper and let them paint. It was fun to watch them be so meticulous!
Remi's painting.
Kennedy painting.
Here's Kennedy's painting.
pretty darn good for a 3 and 4 yr old!
The next morning, I'm making breakfast  when Remi woke up and came into the kitchen. She motioned for me to pick her up which I did and she laid her head on my shoulder. She hugged my neck while I held her tight! Such precious affection especially when it was my last this trip.  It has been a fast wonderful three weeks. The pains of missing her will be greater this time. Already looking forward to when she comes back!

Have a good one!

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  1. So glad you had a good visit with Remi! I know she will be looking forward to returning soon. Love the horse riding pics and the budding painters. They are really good for their ages.