Monday, June 10, 2013

Happy Birthday ... to ME!

Things have been pretty full around here! I had a birthday a few days ago. Saturday (June 8th) to be exact. I actually slept in...for me. The first contact I had of the day was a text message from my daughter asking if I'd like to go to breakfast for my birthday. I said sure! It was going to be about an hour before they would go which was fine. I needed to shower and feed Clyde.

When I walked in they were waiting on me. Mom, Keannon, Vanessa, Kashton and 2 excited little girls! They had each bought me a balloon and card.
Kennedy picked this balloon for me.
Remi picked this balloon for me.
Here are my cards! Can you guess who gave me which? The horse is from Kennedy and the princesses from Remi! They didn't sing to me at the restaurant but later that evening when I kept them for a little while. They also had a big watermelon setting on the table! I'm sure we looked a sight. I don't know for the life of me why I didn't take a picture when I got there! Oh well, I did take one with the girls before we left!
My arms are almost not long enough to take a self portrait and hold two girls!

After breakfast I decide to spend the afternoon at the scrapbook store where I received birthday greetings from all who where there attending a class and got gifts from a couple of my scrapping buddies. I was surprised and thrilled! I can always count on them to give me something crafty! After the store closed Cathy asked if I'd like to eat dinner with her. Her hubby was at the races and mine was at work. I said sure! We rarely ever get to do something like that! We decided on Chili's. She snapped a picture as they brought out dessert and sang to me!
It was a pretty good day!
Later I had all three grandkids. It was a little bumpy in the beginning as Kashton was awake and wanted to be held while Remi and Kennedy wanted me to play with them! Kashton later ate and went to sleep freeing me to play with the girls!
I finally did get my watermelon! It was really good too!

Until next time....have a good one!


  1. What a fun, happy birthday! Glad you had a wonderful day! It was a very special day, the day you were born!

  2. What a great day!! I LOVE the horse card!!
    Happy belated birthday!