Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Birthday Eve

I'm sure you were wondering why I didn't ride on my birthday. Well, because I rode the day before! I wanted to ride at the Lake Mineral Wells State Park on their equestrian trails and usually if I go in the middle of the week I nearly have the park all to myself! It's the busiest on the weekend. I also wanted to take Kaidence. She loves to go with me.
Here she is riding "shotgun".
I  don't pull the horse trailer as much as I used to and with this new truck being longer I still don't have a system for hooking up quickly. I was having more difficulty than usual. After 30 minutes of not successfully getting the truck under the goose-neck, I was so mad that I said "to heck with it"! Well, that isn't "exactly" what I said but you get the idea. To work out some frustration I chose to weedeat around the barn and trailer. I found this little critter. I loved his color! I was very grateful I didn't wack him with the weedeater!
I weedeated until I broke it! By that time I had calmed down and it wasn't terribly late so I decided to try again to hook up the trailer. It took more than once but I finally got it done! I might add that I swallowed my pride and asked God to help me. I talked to Him about that while I was weedeating.

I am so glad I persevered and went to the park. It was a beautiful afternoon and the wildflowers made an already scenic ride more colorful!
See the red along the trail? These are Texas Plume. Very pretty.
Closer look.
There were so many varieties of wildflowers the park was like one big bouquet!
Remember if you click on the photo you can see it larger for viewing more detail.
Some Indian Blankets (red), Horsemint (purple) and others I can't remember what they are.
It makes for such a stark contrast!
Kaidence usually follows behind although at one point she somehow got in front. At first she kept looking back like she was afraid we were going to run over her but she soon regained her confidence and led the way.
I love this part of the trail. It follows alongside a dry creek bed. Very shaded and the trail is very sandy. Nice break from the sun!
We finally found a waterhole and we stop to let Kaidence get a drink and play a minute in the water. I was going to let Clyde drink but he seemed more interested in the tall grass!
last leg of the trail on the way back to the trailer.
All those black straps are from my camera bag and camera. Self portrait with some Texas Plume in the background.
These little beauties are in Clyde's pasture. Hoping to get it mowed soon. I like the flowers but there are lots of weeds too.
This little butterfly was very friendly. I managed to get this photo without a zoom lens!

The kids came over on Sunday. Vanessa dressed the girls in the dresses I bought them for Christmas. This will probably be the last time Remi will wear hers. Kennedy was giving me a hard time about taking a picture of them with their dresses. This is what she gave me first.
I started making faces and saying silly things and got them both giggling.....
with their eyes closed! I should have tried one more time but I didn't.
I got a big smile out of Kashton! He's 3 months!

Have a good one!

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  1. Glad you got the trailer thing worked out! It is frustrating when things don't go the way we want or a quickly as we'd like it too. Great idea to weed eat the grass and weeks to work out the frustration. Belated Happy Birthday to you! I've been busy this week and missed the notice on FB. Love your photos from your ride and the grand girl's dresses are so cute! Cute little man there in the last photo. :)