Thursday, May 30, 2013

Time With Kennedy

We had the kids over for supper Sunday night. When they got ready to go home Kennedy didn't want to go and insists on staying the night with us. Of course Granddad and I say yes! Monday is the day my housekeeper comes.

My plan was to go feed Clyde then take Kennedy for breakfast at McDonald's. As we're feeding Clyde, Kennedy says "Can we ride Clyde?" Well of course we can!

Kennedy spraying detangler on Clyde's tail so she can comb it out.
She's doing a great job! (Although she got tired of doing it before she finished his tail!)
Her interest in riding is getting longer. I think she rode for about 30 or 40 minutes! She might have gone longer but she said "Savtah, my tummy is making noises". I laughed. I said "I'm sure it is. It's saying 'feed me'!"

We get Clyde untacked and put back in the pasture and head for McDonald's. Unfortunately when we get there they have quite serving breakfast.
She had chicken nuggets instead which is what she wanted in the first place!
 After eating I let her play. We had a good time! When we left Kennedy asked "Are we going to your house?" I said "No, I'm taking you to Mommy". She said "I want to go to your house." I held firm only because my dear friend's younger brother passed away the day before and I really needed to connect with her to let her know I cared and see if I could be of any help to her.

On the way to my friends I see these beautiful flowers and took a minute to enjoy their beauty.
Here's a close up.
My friend's brother died from a massive heart attack. He was only 54. He was a very prominent figure in the community. The whole family is reeling. His service was Wednesday morning. It was standing room only. I thought the service was very well done and a real tribute to his life.

On a happier note. I got to watch a beautiful sunset Tuesday night.
This picture just do it justice. The sky was full of color!

Have a good one!


  1. So sad to hear about Teresa's brother. It is always a shock when a loved ones passes so suddenly. Kennedy is getting to be a very good horsewoman and helper! Beautiful flowers and sunset. Looking forward to cropping tomorrow. I assume you'll be there? Need to go get me some cropping stuff together. May just work on cards.

  2. Thanks Sandy! Enjoyed the day Saturday!