Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hail Storm May 15, 2013

WOW! What a night! I had been watching the weather for most of the day and new we had the potential for severe weather. I spent the afternoon cutting weeds in the pasture where I keep Clyde. I had Kennedy with me. I took time to show her a little fuzzy caterpillar I found. She was fascinated by it.
She thought he was so fun and he tickled as he crawled across her hand.
She wanted to take him home and keep him but then...
he started invading her comfort zone!

It was church night so I quit in enough time to get me and Kennedy cleaned up. I had to be there by 6. I was so busy getting us ready that I didn't have time to check weather.

As we leave the house it's beginning to sprinkle. By the time we get in the truck and pull out of the driveway it is raining harder. Halfway to church pea to marble size hail begins to sporadically hit my truck. We get to church and get inside just as the bottom falls out! It's a downpour. As the worship team begins to practice we can here hail hitting the roof. We all stop and go to the windows and some go outdoors under the awnings to watch.
 The pastor's daughter, Perri is who walked in front of the window. This video doesn't show some of the biggest hail that fell. I didn't personally get any photos but I did see some that where taken of the hail that fell here.
This is Vanessa's brother, Jacob, holding this hail stone that fell at First Baptist Church about a mile west of Well of Life Church. Photo taken by Barbara Pophin.
This photo taken about a half mile South of the church where one of our members live. Photo taken by Jeff Gulley
Another extremely large hail stone that fell in Mineral Wells. Photo taken by Kayce Friedel.

Needless to say we started scrambling at church to grab every trash can and any contain to catch water as it began coming through the ceiling throughout the building!

When I got home it looked like a war zone. There were leaves all over the yard and street. One storm window in our bedroom was broken. It will be easier to check for further damage in the morning when its daylight.

I went to the backyard to check the rain gauge and noticed that over 3 hours since the storm I still had hail in my yard and it was still 70 degrees!
My neighbor told me that at one point during the storm the street was white with hail!
Wonder how big this one was 3 hours earlier?!

I know I'll be busy in the morning contacting our church's insurance and roofer.

Have a good one!


  1. Well I'm glad you and Kennedy got in to the church before it got really bad. Eddie's flying buddy in Mineral Wells called us and told us how bad the hail was over there. We really weren't aware that bad storms were brewing either. We got all our vehicles under cover but then luckily the hail and tornadoes did not come our way.
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  2. Wow! Those hailstones are quite huge. At least you were already out of harm's way by the time the downpour got really strong. Hopefully the damages to property have already been repaired, so the next time something like this happens, they can better withstand the harsh elements. And while it can be bothersome overseeing repairs and replacements, it's also a chance to improve the damaged properties, such as your windows. Newer windows are stronger and more durable than older windows. And every single component of a roof has to be functional and in proper working order, so it can adequately protect your home.

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  3. Hailstones are cute and fun to look at, but you wouldn’t appreciate it that much once you see the damage it did to your town. Nonetheless, it’s good that you immediately reached the church, the safest place to take cover. It’s very dangerous to hit the road when there is a hailstorm. How was the roof, by the way? You didn’t need a replacement, just some patch up, right? Keep safe always, Valerie!

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  4. Those are quite big chunks. Wouldn’t want any of those to hit my roof and especially not my windows! Hopefully it didn’t do much damage to your home’s exterior, especially the roof. Did you have it checked afterwards for punctures and misplaced shingles?