Tuesday, May 28, 2013

First Dance Recital

Vanessa has had Kennedy in dance lessons since last fall. Saturday was her very first recital. Friday night was rehearsal. I was told if I wanted to take pictures I had to do it at rehearsal as I wouldn't be able to do that during the live performance.
We are waiting for rehearsal to start. The little girl is Kennedy's cousin who belongs to Keannon's sister. She is a year older than Kennedy.
She is so cute! We had to laugh as the teacher had told her to stand on a certain spot that I think was marked on the stage because she kept looking down to see where she was and getting back on her spot!
They did two different dances.
She actually did better at recital.
After rehearsal I get a picture of the girls together. I love Kennedy's costume.
For recital she had to have her hair done and full makeup! She's still a little doll! I took this right before it started as I had to bring the lipstick! She kept saying "Look Savtah, I have eyelashes on!" What she meant was she had eyeshadow on. Too cute!
Pictures were allowed after the performance but I didn't take my big camera in so I had to settle for my phone camera. Proud Mom & Dad.
Proud Nana and Uncle Jake.

There's been potential of stormy weather for several days. After the hail we got a week ago we have been spared any more severe weather but the potential was there.
This storm stayed west and north of us.
This is a different day. These were some interesting clouds!
This is a view from the same day looking to the west. We did get a really good rain on Friday. A little over an inch! It came while we were at dance rehearsal.
Kashton is almost 3 months. He's rolling from his tummy to his back.

Just for a little fun, can you tell who these babies are?
The baby on the left is Kennedy at 3 months. The other is Kashton at 2 months. Kind of freaky isn't it?!

Have a good one!


  1. Kennedy looks so cute in her dance outfit! Such fun. Brandy took dance lessons when she was little. I loved all her costumes. Sweet photos of your little man and lovely cloud pics too!

  2. Such precious pictures of Kennedy at her dance recital. It is a little freaky how much Kashton and Kennedy look alike!