Sunday, May 19, 2013

Final Night of Rodeo

I rode in the grand entry again! Vanessa was going to but it didn't work out. I was kind of glad I got to do it again. Since it was the last night there were more riders participating. My friend and pastor's daughter Perri, her son, her nephew and brother were riding and I rode along with them.
Perri is in the green shirt. Her nephew, Jackson with the black hat, her son Levi in the red shirt and her brother Bryan in the far right of the photo. We're waiting for the grand entry to begin.
My saddle. I'm a little bored waiting for the grand entry to begin!
I gave my camera to Vanessa to take pictures. She did good and had fun. Here's Kennedy waiting to see me and all the riders!

Kennedy and her Uncle Josh, Vanessa's brother.
Nana (Vanessa's step-mom) with Kaston. She has a knack for getting him to sleep!
Here I come!
going around the pivots
on my way back out of the area.
Keannon must have taken this picture. Mommy and daughter
I absolutely love this photo. Vanessa captured Kennedy learning about showing honor to our country's flag.
I still am moved every time I hear the Star Spangled Banner.

Have a good one!

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  1. Fun time! I've only been to a rodeo twice in my life! Once when I was a baby and the story is I was told that a bull broke through the fence toward the crowd just as my parents were leaving with me and my sister and my Dad pushed my 5 year old sister under the seats and my Mom and I out of the way in an opposite direction. Luckily the bull turned and went the other way. The other time I took Brandy to one here in Weatherford when she was little. She turned out to not be the rodeo type. LOL So never went again. Oh wait, I did go to the one at the Ft Worth Stockshow with friends and really enjoyed watching the bull riders.
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