Sunday, April 28, 2013

Wildflower Expedition

It's Spring in Texas and my most favorite season! I absolutely LOVE wildflowers! I had been seeing them around and kept telling myself I needed to stop to take pictures. So, after feeding Clyde I did just that.

There is a strip of land by the highway that was just covered in wildflowers so I decided to start there.
Primroses are so beautiful.
I found these Indian Paint Brushes over by Burger King the same area the above Primroses were.
These are along the walking trail next to Highway 180.
I was so excited to find so many different flowers in the same place!

Kaidence watching out for me.
This is a close up of one of the flowers in the photo with Kaidence. All these photos were taken in the morning and it was overcast. I was so pumped by the pictures I had gotten that I decided to go hunt again later in the afternoon. I really wanted to find some Bluebonnets. As you may have noticed they are very skimpy and stunted this year due to the lack of rain. By this time the clouds had cleared and it was sunny. Even late in the afternoon the sun was very bright. I decided to head toward one of my favorite places I used to take the dogs on a regular basis. Dobbs Valley.
I forget what these are called but they were all over the place.
This is some type of weed. I just thought it was unique.
These flowers are so pretty especially when there is a bunch of them together!
Where there are flowers there are usually butterflies!
Not sure what these are either. They are very tiny but pretty in a cluster!

These little flowers remind me of daises.

Wine Cups. Another small and very delicate flower. And more butterflies!
I was so excited to get this photo!
I love this one!
I just can't get enough! These were on Highway 281 south of Mineral Wells as well as the rest of the photos
Yep, I stopped along the highway...many times...and made a few u turns.
More Primrose.
I finally found some Bluebonnets!
These are different purple flowers than the ones above.

Hope you enjoyed it!
Have a good one!


  1. I love Texas wildflowers, too, and your photos are fabulous! Thank you, Lady Bird Johnson, for planting and protecting Texas wildflowers. :-)

  2. Goodness! You've found lots of wonderful wildflowers to photograph. I haven't really been in to it this year. They seem more sparse and it takes more effort I guess. Ha, ha. But you've done wonderful in finding them!
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