Monday, April 22, 2013

It's Spring!

I was amazed when I discovered that it had been two weeks since I last blogged! I apologize! Not sure what happened (other than life) but time obviously got away from me. As it tends to do.

It's Spring here in Texas and it's April which means BLUEBONNETS!  I LOVE Bluebonnets! They are not as plentiful because of our drought conditions but they are out! I was over at the kids house and Kennedy wanted to walk around the block. I spied this empty lot that had some of these beautiful flowers. The sun was a bit bright though and Kennedy had a hard time keeping her eyes open for me!
On another day I took her for a ride. Mom came along and took our picture as you can see by her shadow in the bottom right of the photo.

I actually got to keep Kashton for the first time last weekend. It was Keannon and Vanessa's 1st wedding anniversary. You can't tell by this pic but he wasn't a very happy baby that day. Not sure if he wasn't used to me or just gassy but he was very fussy.  I was thankful that they weren't got a long time.
He went to sleep for a little while when I took this but he didn't sleep long. I finally handed him to Granddad. He seemed to have more of the magic touch than me!
I love this pic. Kashton looks so comfortable.
Sister wanted to hold brother. She likes him so much!
Kennedy wanted to do something crafty. In looking for something else I ran across some puff paints I had and decided to let her use them. She had so much fun! She used them as finger paints.
Along with warm weather come the dangers of running into other critters. Hubby has been working in the yard filling in holes and low places with some fill dirt and ran across this creepy things!
Which I had thought to put something in the photo for comparison. They aren't that big but big enough to know they aren't worms! They are grass snakes but still makes me shiver!

I'll leave you on a more positive note by sharing one more Bluebonnet photo.
Have a good one!


  1. Great photos. Love the one of Doyle and Kashton! Precious memories.

  2. Love your bluebonnet photos. The last one is beautiful and the one with Kennedy is precious. Love the one of Doyle and the baby too. Do not like the snake one. Ha, ha.
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  3. I love bluebonnets, too! They make me think of my grandmother. Doyle having the touch with Kashton must be a guy thing - don't take it personally! LOL Thanks for sharing what your photos and what you've been up to. I haven't blogged in over a week myself - started another job. Now I have 4 part-time jobs and they seem to all be going strong right at the moment!