Friday, March 1, 2013

Sunset on the Brazos

A little over 2 weeks ago I decided I wanted a better view for some sunset pictures. I hadn't taken any in a while without all the clutter of city living. Doyle was at work so I loaded up Kaidence and we went to a place not far from where I live. It's called "Oaks Crossing". This is the name of the road that goes all the way to the river and crosses to the other side if you have the right kind of vehicle and know just where to cross! This is a very popular place during the warm months of the year but during winter I have the place all to myself! I like it much better that way!

We arrive and no one is there. I parked and I let Kaidence out to explore a bit. The sun doesn't set for another 30 minutes. There are some clouds giving me the hope for a colorful sunset. (For a better view click on the picture).

I see several vultures sitting in a tree with more flying in as the sun sets. They are such huge birds.
It's kind of eerie looking with the clouds behind them in the leafless trees. Then I hear a motor running. Someone is coming and they cross the river.
In the time I was there I actually witnessed 4 vehicles crossing here!

The sun is getting lower. I'm still not seeing the color I thought I would. I'm thinking that maybe there was too many clouds. It is kind of cool the hole in the clouds and the sunlight reflecting off the water.
It is so peaceful and quite. The only sounds are a few birds and the rippling of water over rocks .
I finally decide this is all I'm going to get tonight. I take one more shot before Kaidence and I leave to go feed Clyde.

A few nights before this I did get this shot while feeding Clyde. I just loved the look of the sun through the clouds and the "tail" from an airplane.
As of 11pm tonight we still have no baby! Vanessa went to the doctor today and said she is really close! Her water hasn't broken but she is experiencing some leakage. Kashton's heart rate has dropped to what is typical for a baby when Mom is in labor. She had some contractions today but nothing consistent or very intense so we continue to wait! Daddy made it home today so maybe Kashton was just waiting for him to be here! Maybe Kashton will come before the weekend is over!

Have a good one!


  1. thanks Sandy! I always appreciate your comments so much!