Thursday, February 28, 2013

Spring is Around the Corner

Spring isn't far away and there are many hints to that fact. Like the blossoms on a plum tree I see on my way to feed Clyde.
Then there's my bulb plants in my flower bed. Yes, you see horse poop! Don't knock it. It makes great fertilizer!
Although it was only in the upper 50's Tuesday, with a light jacket it was pleasant. I decided to take Kaidence for a walk. One of my goals this year is to walk more with her. We both could use it! We went to a place I used to frequent when I still had Mercy & Kajen. It's a place that I can let Kaidence off the leash to run and explore without worrying about her. Not that I do as she generally stays pretty close.
We went down in a creek for her to play in the water. When the creek is dry I like to walk the creek bed. We had enough moisture lately that it was too wet to do that.
Lots of cacti on part of the walk.
There's a little love among all those thorns!
I found these little blooms. They are very pretty against the start brownness of dead foliage.

Kaidence exploring. Look at all that green!

On the way back home we came upon these beautiful blossoms.
And we saw this very unusual tree.
Kashton has yet to make his appearance. Doyle & I thought for sure Vanessa wouldn't go past February but unless she goes into labor the next few hours he's going to be a March baby! She has an appointment with her doctor tomorrow so we'll she if she has had any changes. Keannon will be home tomorrow too. Maybe Kashton is just waiting for Daddy to get home!

That's all for now. Have a good one!

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