Thursday, February 28, 2013

R and R at the Retreat

I took time out as I usually do when I'm at the retreat to walk around and explore on Friday and Saturday. On Thursday some of the ladies spotted a flock of wild turkeys! I had left my SLR camera in my truck and had to scramble to get it. I did manage to snap a few pics but I could never quite get close enough to them for good ones.
 These guys can cover some ground!
The beginning of Thursday's sunset. This is one of my favorite parts of the retreat!
 Last look before the sun goes down below the horizon.
 One last look before going back for dinner.
 This was taken during my walk on Friday. I just love when you can see the moon in the sky before the sun goes down.

 I'm always looking for opportunities to take pictures of birds as I have a couple of friends who are bird watchers. This little flock of birds made me smile. As I was walking through the hay pasture they would all fly at the same time and land again just a bit further ahead of me. I had a difficult time trying to photograph this behavior but settled for this shot.
I found this little guy on my walk Saturday afternoon.
I really had a hard time trying to get in position to get a better shot without making too much noise. They can't see very well but they can hear and smell. I think he's got a whiff of my sent here!

Have a good one!

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  1. Awesome nature photos! I a bit jealous but only a bit of your sunset pics! :)
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