Monday, November 19, 2012

Remi's First Ride

I realized I had posted these pics on Facebook but never blogged about them. Time is passing me faster than I can think...almost!

Two weeks ago when Remi visited I fulfilled a promise I had made to her the previous trip that I would let her ride Clyde. I had introduced her to him and she had petted him but that day I didn't have time to let her ride. Keannon and Vanessa had an appointment that would be easier without the girls so I had them. Kennedy was at Mother's Day out (which she refers to as "school"). Before I picked her up, Remi and I got some alone time and what did Remi what to do? Stamp! I think I have started a love affair between Remi and stamping! So we go into my craft room to do just that until time to pick up sister.
She does a great job of making good impressions and rarely gets ink on herself! I think that's pretty darn good for an almost 4 yr old. I still get ink all over myself when I'm stamping! Sorry the picture blurred. I was trying to take this without her knowing and I had the flash off. Here's a close up of her work.
Her Mommy has done a really good job of teaching her the alphabet and how to spell her name. She did this all by herself!

She's one happy girl and not the least bit afraid! They both helped me groom him but I didn't take pics...I had my hands full with two little girls and one big horse making sure everyone stayed safe!
They took turns riding in the front. They starting singing. It was so darn cute! I finally thought to video a little bit of it. Here it is.
I'm off to go ride at the park. I should be staying home to get ready for the holidays.  I did make myself clean one room of the house before I allowed myself this pleasure. It's just so pretty and I figure this will be the only opportunity I may get!

Have a good one!


  1. Love the pics of the girls riding Clyde - yep, I'd be a little distracted with two little ones on such a big horse!

    Remi did a fine job with her stamping. One of the "stations" in the kindergarten classroom where I sub is to stamp words they are learning. Try writing out a list of simple words for her to stamp, especially word families like hat, cat, bat, mat, etc. - she'll be spelling and reading before she even starts kindergarten! :-)

    1. Thanks Allison! What a great idea! Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. So very cute! Remi does a good job stamping. Love the photos of them riding Clyde.

  3. Remi can really stamp good! I think is wonderful that you got to spend a bit of time with just her. I bet she'll remember that for always and so cute with them on the horse!