Thursday, November 29, 2012

Full Thanksgiving Holiday

I'm glad I didn't do much on Thanksgiving Day because I ran non-stop after that!

We had Thanksgiving dinner with all the family at Keannon and Vanessa's this year. She had more dining room area.
Playing a game while waiting for dinner to cook.
About to "give thanks" before we chow down. This is the left side of the circle.
The rest of the bunch except the one behind the camera :)
Kennedy carrying her kitty Tinkerbell

Mom with Kajen
We took LOTS of family photos but I'll not bore you with those. Here's everyone. Even Kajen managed to get in the shot. I didn't notice that until now! The girls were insistent on putting on their jammies. I decided it really didn't matter.
Remi took a nap before dinner. I knew she was tired. She and Kennedy had spent the night with me so Mommy and Daddy could "Black Friday" shop. She had gone to bed late and got up early.
I managed to sneak away and sleep in my own bed! Now back to the family gathering

After dinner and photos we played Taboo and then a domino game called "Spinner". 

Very serious score keeper.
The girls crashed while we played dominoes. This is Kennedy with Remi's kitty Cinderella. It was a lot of fun.  We played games until about 1am!

More about the weekend next time! Have a good one!

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