Friday, November 30, 2012

Birthday Girls

We celebrated both girls birthdays Sunday. Remi turned 4 on November 15th. Kennedy will be 3 on December the 18th. Vanessa picked a time in between . It works for now. Probably not so much when they are older.

 The theme this year was "Hello Kitty".

They rented a bounce house. This is Remi climbing into it. It was a beautiful day so we were able to have the party outside.
Remi's gifts are on the left and Kennedy's on the right.
The birthday girls!
Remi and Kennedy each had the same cake with their name on it.
We had a surprise guest come to the party!
Vanessa had asked her what she would think if "Hello Kitty" came to her party and Remi told her she didn't think Hello Kitty would come. Remi was so surprised!
Everyone poses with Hello Kitty!
Kennedy and Remi enjoying the slide on the bounce house.
Waiting for us to quit singing so she can blow out the candles.
Kennedy looks so grown up here!
Opening presents
Mommy and Daddy gave the girls bikes. It was a great birthday party!


  1. What an awesome cake and a wonderful surprise for the girls to have Hello Kitty come to their party!

  2. Looks like a fun birthday party. Parties are so much fun when they are this age...

  3. Love those cakes and what a surprise! Hello Kitty at the party! That's so awesome! Love the photos!
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