Sunday, July 15, 2012


Riding the other morning I noticed a spider web. That in itself isn't unusual. I usual see them or ride through them before seeing them but this one caught my attention as the web was huge and so was it's builder.

I'm really glad I didn't ride through this one's web!

I took these pics after my ride. I wanted to use my SLR camera so I could use my zoom. Every time I tried to get close with my phone camera the spider would scurry up the web into the tree. One smart spider! On my hike back to the barn I came across a bubble bee gathering nectar.

Do you realize how hard these little boogers are to photograph?! Don't look too close. Even though the flower is in focus the bee isn't!

These little guys are EVERYWHERE! In the trees, on the fences, in the grass. You can't escape them!
and they are eating everything in sight!

That's my adventure for today! Have a good one!


  1. Wow - great job capturing all these little critters in your photos. We've noticed a few grasshoppers lately & Robbie got one great photo.

  2. Oohh...big spider! He'd work for this week's Digital photo hunt on FB for some spider song. :) Bumble bees are hard to photograph. Have to have a super fast shutter for sure! And wow! I think you have more grasshoppers than we do. We have some but not like that. Of course, my cats and the guinea birds may be keeping our at bay.