Monday, June 25, 2012

Nothing Like the Country Early in the Morning

After hearing the forecast for the temps to be in the 100's the next several days I decided it was time to shift gears and start riding early in the morning. That started today. I am so glad too because it ended up being 102 today!

It wasn't terribly early...about 7:15...I was aiming for 7AM so I didn't miss it by much. It was so wonderful out this time of the day! I love the sunlight this time of day and in the evening as the sun is setting. I would like to be a morning person but I tend to gravitate to night. Can't do both!

Here is a small clip of just how peaceful and serene it was. The birds singing, the calm water, beautiful rays of sunlight....

 Some of my friends talk about having a "God chair" where they spend their time with Him. His creation is "my chair" with Him!

I was trying really hard not to disturb the cattle. Some of them were laying down but as many times as I have ridden by them they still think I'm out to get them and we were just walking by!

Me and my shadow!

Cash, an Anatolian, taking a dip.

Emma wanting me to rub her could I not?

While riding I saw so many pretty flowers. They are just weeds but the blooms are pretty. You can see a grasshopper perched on this plant that I have know I idea what it is. The grasshoppers were less active during the morning...another advantage to riding that time of day!

See the thorns on these little beauties?

I didn't realize it until I uploaded these to the computer that I caught this grasshopper jumping off the sunflower. I thought I had missed him!

I just love sunflowers!

I really like these flowers. These are about to come to the end of their season. There were a lot of these about a month ago.

I think it's just amazing that God chose to give weeds such beautiful flowers!

This afternoon when it got so hot I went to the scrapbook store to keep my buddy Marilyn company. She was working for the owner today. She and I alternate working. I managed to complete another sketch today. I made a 2 page with Sketch #317 from Sketch Inspiration. I have one more to do and I'm caught up for the first half of the year! Yeah me!

Happy Trails to you!


  1. I'm not a morning person either but when I do get up and get out, I really enjoy it. It's so fresh, clean and quiet. Love the shadow photo and the photos of the flowers. You've got some great "buggy" photos you could put on the Oh Shoot Group wall on FB. :) Love your page layout. I feel a slight urge to do some scrapbook pages. Ha, ha. Slight but it could develop full bloom.

  2. Love all your beautiful nature photos!

    LOL - yes, I am usually a morning person, but lately I've been staying up too late, so I agree that you can't be a morning and a night person!

    Love your girly paper and pink tulle on your layout...I have 2 more sketches to do this week...I think I can, I think I can, I think I can! :-)

  3. Loved your ride through the country pictures. They were gorgeous. Thanks for sharing it with us.