Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lil' Peanut Update

Lil' Peanut is doing well. Today was Vanessa's doctor appointment and the doctor had ordered a sonogram to make sure Peanut was growing properly. Because Vanessa has such a long torso she's carrying Peanut almost sideways. Vanessa kept saying she was getting broader!

Lil Peanut weighs around 3 to 3 1/2 lbs. Dr. Gardner says she is right on target and everything looks good.
It was a little easier to actually see a baby this time but features are still difficult to make out. We did get a glimpse of some hair on her head!
We are going Saturday for a 4D sonogram. Dr. Gardner said it is a wonderful experience if we could do it. Vanessa had done some research of places and the one she had picked the Dr. gave approval. It's called Stork Vision. They are not a medical facility but just a place that conducts the sonogram having rooms large enough to accommodate families who would like to see "baby" before arrival. The price includes a dvd and pics (I think). Vanessa is far enough along that after today her appointments will be every two weeks.

Ok, looks like we already have a drama queen. This is a side view of her head and she has the back of her hand on her forehead like "oh, dear me"! She had it there through the entire sonogram! It cracked us all up including the technician! Even the doctor had a good laugh!

After the appointment we did some shopping. Vanessa wanted to try to find some more jeans. One of the stores we went to had an adorable little onesie and bib I just HAD to buy!On the left sleve it says "here a neigh" the right sleeve says "there a neigh" and around the neck "everywhere a neigh neigh".

Here's the back! There is a tail under the neigh! How cute is that! Any grand daughter of mine should be a horse lover! We'll see! I'll give it a good college try!

Vanessa at 7 months. You can probably tell her poor little belly button has turned into an "outy".

Vanessa found this t-shrit today and wore it home from the store she liked it so well. Pretty much says it all don't you think?!

I took the dogs to my friends west of town yesterday. I hadn't been out there in a couple of months. The trees are beginning to change colors although we don't have the brilliant colors you folks north and east of us have. There is still a lot of green with the recent rains we've received and more rain is on the way! Thank You Lord! Of course with the dogs no adventure is complete without a romp in the water and yesterday was not exception!

Kajen and Kaidence playing.

Mercy getting a drink. This is as far in the water as she will get!

While the other three dogs love to get wet all over. Here is Zorro and Kaidence.

These beautiful brilliant yellow flowers have popped up EVERYWHERE since we have finally gotten some rain. They are gorgeous! These are intertwined with some briers and barbed wire fence.

Also saw some dragonflies.

There were tons of these!

Can't get enough of these flowers. Neither can this little bee.

This guy was really hard to shoot. His wings would glisten when the sun hit them just right. You can sort of see that in the blue coloring in his wing.

More dragonflies!

Walking in the woods we came across a delightful surprise......

yes! Butterflies! Gorgeous butterfiles!

I just happen to catch these two as they fluttered by.

One of them did land long enough for me to take his picture.

Isn't the coloring just beautiful?!

No these pumpkins were not where I was. I took these recently as a "photo challenge" on Facebook. Nothing says fall more than a load of pumpkins!

Happy fall ya'll!

Have a good one!