Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It's Hot and I'm Not Here

If I keep telling myself that do you suppose I might convince myself? That's what I thought. Guess it's best to come out of denial. It's Hot and I'm STILL here! The temp peaked at 103 today and 100's predicted the rest of the week. Vanessa made quite the brilliant statement today. She said "All people talk about is how hot it is? It's always hot this time of year in Texas. It gets hot every year. What do they expect?" It really is true though no matter what the weather or anything else that is going on people complain. People complain the roads need repaired. Then when the repair process starts, they complain because they are being inconvenienced by the repair! It's either too hot, or too cold. Too windy or not windy enough. Too wet or too dry. Too sunny or too cloudy. We are so fickle and spoiled to having what we want, when we want it! And I hate to admit it but I've been guilty at times of being one of those who has complained!

Today was Vanessa's hearing with the State of Texas. If you remember when she had her accident, DPS took her drivers license. All she had to legally drive was a pink paper saying this was her license. She had to request a hearing to get her license. Should the State rule against her (in favor of the arrest record by the trooper) her license will be suspended for 90 days. Vanessa presented her case as to why she should not get the suspension. The judge was supposed to decide by the end of the day but when Vanessa had called at 5PM a decision had not been made. So we will wait until tomorrow to learn what has been decided.

Whatever happens I am at peace not matter what the outcome. It will be a bit of an inconvenience should her license be suspended but we can get through it.

After the hearing Vanessa wanted to take advantage of the shopping opportunities available. She's been wearing her pants undone for about a month. She's not big by any stretch but she can't wear her regular pants fastened. She borrowed what is called a "belly band" from a friend who had a baby not too long ago. It allows her to wear her pants undone while concealing and helping hold them up. We went to the mall to see if we could find her some pants and shorts a bit more comfortable. We finally went to an actual maternity shop. She found a couple of things there that will work then we went to a couple of other stores and just bought her some things in a larger size. She has the beginnings of a "small pooch". I really think she can probably get by without wearing actually maternity clothes but just wear larger loose fitting clothing. She wanted to get a couple of bigger bras today. I was quite surprised that she really has developed larger boobs! She's quite happy about that. (She's going to kill me for blogging about this!)

Yesterday Vanessa asked if I could help her during her lunch to get her house ready for a Kino party. She needed chairs and tables for 10-12 people. Doyle had the car to run some errands so I went and picked her up for lunch at 1PM. We frantically swept, vacuumed, set up tables. We were only halfway through when it was time for her to be back at work. I took her to work and came back to the house to finish what we started. I finally finished around 3PM. I had made plans to go to the pool with my friend Suzan and her grandkids Nicholas (2) and Arianna (22 mos) at 4PM. I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't more crowded. It was a nice break from the heat! We stayed until 6PM when the pool closed.
I came home and fixed dinner then decided to go to the hospital and check on my friend and her husband. The one who fell off the roof. He was doing well. He will probably go home Thursday.

I work at the store tomorrow. It's Kids Kamp. They have one more week left. They've been a good group.

Have a good one!

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