Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Heat Goes On

Okay I'm complaining again. I didn't feel quit so bad about it when the news man said we had already experienced 10 - 100+ since June! So even though it's not unusual for us to have triple digit heat it is a bit unusual to have this many this early. If this is any indication as to what kind of summer we are going to's going to be a long HOT one! And with NO RAIN vegetation will die quickly. It's supposed to be even hotter tomorrow. We are under a heat advisory until Friday at 7PM. It's 10:30PM and it's still 90 degrees!

This was the sign at the bank from today. I had just left the store and thought I would try to catch Vanessa after she got off work. She is planning to have her garage sale this weekend and was going to see if she needed any help getting ready for it. I was taking this picture when she came out of the bank. She asked me what I was doing. As I walked with her to the car she said it was funny that I had stopped because she was going to call me. Guess I was listening to the prompting of the Holy Spirit better than I thought!

I am going to have to start going to bed earlier so I can take the dogs walking early in the morning. That's the only time it is semi-cool. Of course I don't know how much water is going to be available to them with these temps. The water in the creek at the cemetary was nearly dried up last time we went. I most concerned about Zorro getting overheated because he's an older dog and he's black! He tends to soak up heat not repell it!

I worked at the store. Only 4 of the kids showed up today. The project Cathy had them working on was not complicated so I spent time helping Ray price paper and putting up product. When the kids left Cathy's friend and one of many loyal customers came in the store. She showed us a pic that her son had given her of a rattlesnake that was found on a job site in the Odessa area (west Texas). I have been to a "rattlesnake round-up" and I've never seen a rattler this big! The man in this picture is 6ft tall. The snake is headless and measures 7ft! He weighed 35lbs! That is mind boggling to me. It looks more like a Boa than a rattlesnake! I took a pic of the picture to show my husband and all of you! There were two other rattle snakes killed in the same area as this one each over 6 ft! Guess everything is BIGGER in TEXAS!

Have a good one!

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