Saturday, July 14, 2018

Twinkle Little Stars Card Challenge

The challenge over at Cards in Envy is "Twinkle Little Stars".

The image is a Unity Stamp by artist Tierra Jackson called "All Cylinders". This is a great masculine stamp kit.

I colored the image with Copic Markers then cut it out. I wish now I had also cut out part of the wind shield. Oh well.

Thanks for taking a look.

Have a good one!

Friday, July 13, 2018

Baker Hotel Historical Walking Tour Ribbon Cutting 6-22-2018

This is pretty exciting. After months, years of passing the ever increasing dilapidation of the once
grand Baker Hotel the citizens of Mineral Wells are seeing a glimmer of hope. It is amazing that even in it's disrepair you will always see people walking around looking at it and taking pictures. Although there is still no date given as to when renovations will begin on the historic sight "word" has it that it is finally on the move again.

In the meantime, Leadership Mineral Wells Class of 2017, was given the idea to make the Baker have a little more appealing appearance and provide some history in the waiting.

A lot of hard work and many donations later the City of Mineral Wells now has a finished product!

Doyle & I were some of the many financial contributors to this project. We attended the ribbon cutting on June 22nd. It was very hot but I am so glad we went. It made me smile and made my heart swell with pride for our community.

I had a friend taking our picture but she didn't tell me when! The sign says "Welcome to Mineral Wells where Texas runs deep".

This sign is on the veranda.

Where there used to be plywood covering doors and windows are now these signs. This one is clear so people can look inside.

To read the print just click on the photo to view larger.

A local brought out this old car. It was a nice touch for the ribbon cutting.

The signage ends on the corner of the backside of the Baker. All the signs are around the front and West side.

I don't know about you but I think it's really nice! I have seen a lot more people looking and walking around since the signs went up.

Hope you enjoyed your "virtual" tour!

Have a good one.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

What We Do For Grandkids 6-21-2018

Kashton had been bugging Vanessa to come spend the night. He came on a Thursday. He really
wanted to ride bikes but it was 104 degrees! I told him we had to wait for it to cool off. Not the thing to tell a 5 year old. Every few minutes he was asking if it had cooled off enough yet!

Around 7pm it was still 100 degrees but I couldn't put him off any longer. I told him we could go. He was beside himself! Thankfully there was some breeze and lots of shade the route we took to ride.

His first requested stop was the cemetery.

Here we are on our way to the cemetery.

I don't know about you but he looks too grown up in this picture!

He had a blast and well....I had a good time too despite the heat!

Have a good one!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Father's Day 6-17-2018

Father's Day the kids had us over for a cook out. I must have not been in the right frame of mind as I didn't take any pictures! Geez I don't know what was up with that!

Thankfully they got a couple of pictures while at church that Sunday.

Vanessa's brothers Josh and Jacob were there and so was her Dad and his wife Tracey. Keannon's Dad was there too.

All the kids drew pictures for their Dad and their Uncles. Just so you know neither of them are fathers 😉. It was cute how Remi made her note for Uncle Jacob.

The weather was surprisingly nice enough we could eat outside if we chose too. We had a great time!

Have a good one!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Mission Mineral Wells Summer Mission Day 2018

This is year two of Mission Mineral Wells Summer Mission. Doyle and I both signed up to help again this year. Wednesday June 6th through Saturday June 9th.

The house we were working on would be getting fresh paint, replacing of any rotten boards, all the windows were replaced and a storm door put on the back door.

Last year when we participated in this it was held the first week of July. It was soooo hot! The organizers moved it to June thinking that it would be as hot. WRONG! Not their fault though. It's not usually that hot the first of June but we had a dry spring and the heat arrived about a month ahead of schedule.

It was forecast to be over 100 degrees every day with heat indexes higher. Our church began praying for a shift in the atmosphere!

It was still hot but it didn't get as hot as what was predicted!

Thankfully, there were some volunteers that went out ahead of our work week to do some prep work to help speed up the process such as scraping the houses for paint, trimming trees and bushes, etc.

As you can see there was still some scraping to do! This is the front of the house.

The back of the house. We tried to work as much as we could in the shade.

Doyle assessing what to do next.

Our site Captain had to tend to his own business on the last day and Doyle was asked to be honorary site captain. This picture is of all the site captains. The man and woman in the middle are Rose and Brandon Jordan the backbone of Mission Mineral Wells. They do all the work in organizing, getting donations, advertising. They are awesome people 😊.

Painting the trim.

Doyle and Steve Fleenor putting on the storm door.

Ta-da! Doesn't it look so different?!

The home owner was out of town during most of the work but came home just as we were finishing up. Her delight and thankfulness was worth all the heat and tiredness.

I didn't work all 4 days but Doyle did and he had the wrist bands to prove it!

I'm not likely to ever go on an international mission trip. This local mission is one way I can be a part.

Have a good one!

Monday, July 9, 2018

Barn Cat

There is a cat that belonged to the people who lived in the house where I park to feed horses. They sold the house and moved. Unfortunately where they moved to was rental property and were not allowed to have pets. The new home owners had offered to keep the cat but weren't going to be moved in for several weeks. In the mean time I feed the cat in the barn. It's always good to have a "barn cat" to help keep the rodents away. In one of the times I fed, I met the new owners and learned the cat had babies! Four to be exact! She was keeping them behind the house.

The new home owners said they were putting out food when they came to work on the house. I told them I was also putting out food in the barn. Once I learned there were babies I began putting food out behind the house.

The babies had had very little human contact and are very skittish except for one.

Kennedy had spent the night (June 1st) and when I told her about the kitties she of course had to see them. So when I went to feed the next morning (June 2nd) I showed her where they were. She loved on the one friendly kitty and the momma while I fed horses.

The other 3 babies are hiding under the house.

Korin had spent the night with me the (June 4th). The next morning she wanted to see the kitties.

Korin also helped me feed.

Fancy was trying to get food before Korin could dump it out. I quickly helped her 😉

She is quite the helper!

The new home owners have now moved in but Momma Kitty is still coming to the barn so I give her food. I think she just needs a break from the "kids".😉

However Saturday night (July 7th) two of the babies came with her! Last night (July 8th) all of them were there. The other gray one got run over 😢. There have been many contractors at the house doing renovations and we think one of them did it (accidentally).

Maybe I'll have more than one barn cat! 😊

Have a good one!