Thursday, August 31, 2017

Riding Trailway August 8, 2017

On Tuesday August 8th it was a beautiful afternoon weather wise and I decided to take full advantage by going riding at the State Park.

I called the park and the recording said the "Back Country" (8 miles of equestrian trails) were open. I was surprised since we had gotten 3/4 of an inch the night before. The park closes the trails when they are wet.

Happy girl right here! Trailer hooked up with a horse inside headed to the Park!

However when I got to the park they told me they were closed. ARGH! I already had the horse in the trailer so I rode the "Rails to Trails" which is a trail that was created from an old railroad track for hikers, bikers and equestrians. It's very nice trail but it's a bit boring for me as it's just straight like a road. Oh well, it was better than not riding at all!

The trails to the main trailway are fun and pretty.

A little shade along the way.

From the trailhead it's downhill to the main trail.

WARNING! If you easily get motion sick, I strongly advise you not to watch this. I almost made myself sick watching it!

Some of the pretty part of the trail.

Found Diamond some friends. He got real excited. In fact he went much faster after this for a little ways.

I love this tunnel-like effect with the trees.

I had a good ride.

Have a good one!


  1. Well I guess they're recording wasn't updated. But glad you still got to ride and I enjoyed your video and the through the horse's ears view. :)

    1. Glad it didn't make you motion sick! Thanks for watching and commenting :)!