Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Night on the River Walk 8-3-2017

Doyle got out of class about 5pm. He wanted to go to the Alamo and we were just a short walking distance away.

Neither of us had been since our vacation here in 1994!

We got a nice man to take our picture.

Doyle checking out the map of the Alamo grounds.

This is one massive tree! Do you see the little red sign on a low hanging limb that says "watch your head"? They mean it!

A selfie by one of the water wells.

After the Alamo we went back to the River Walk to find a place to eat. We both wanted to have steak. We had seen a Salt Grass but it was on the other side of the River Walk. We figured there had to be something on the side we were on and keep walking and sure enough we came upon the Lone Star Cafe. It was good and so was our waitress. We learned that she had recently turned her life around and had an opportunity to speak about that to a group in the coming days. Doyle was so taken with her story that he felt impressed to tip her above the normal (significantly above). As we left the restaurant, Doyle looked to watch her reaction and was not disappointed 😉. That was fun!

After dinner we meet with the other councilman that had come for training at a neat little place called "Durty Nelly's Pub". This place was fun! The guy just over my left shoulder is playing piano and singing. He could play and sing anything! And I mean anything! He also did several "sing along songs". We had a great time.

We came home on Friday August 4th. Doyle only had class until noon so I didn't venture away from the hotel but stayed close. In fact I stayed on the same floor as his class. I looked through Facebook on his laptop and did some reading. I went to the ladies room right before his class let out.

I went outside with him while he took a smoke break. It was then I realized I didn't have my phone and my heart sank! I quickly remembered I had laid it on the toilet paper roll in the bathroom. I quickly went back to see if it was there. Opening the stall door and not seeing it where I left it gave me a sick feeling in my stomach. All my pictures, all my notes, all my passwords.....gone! I quickly prayed and tried to remain calm. Doyle talked to hotel personnel to see if anyone had turned it in. He tried calling and sending text messages. We waited for a while to see if it would show up but finally decided to go ahead and head home. I had resolved myself that it was gone.

We get about 30 miles out of San Antonio and we stop for fuel. While Doyle is fueling the truck he gets a message from my phone! 😂 Hotel security has my phone! (Happy dance). Doyle says we aren't that far away lets go back and get it! I am one happy camper! When we arrived to it pick up they had even charged it back up for me! It delayed us coming home about an hour but it was worth it!

Have a good one!


  1. I so enjoy visiting the Alamo and the Riverwalk. Very happy that your phone was found. What a scary feeling!!

    1. Thanks Sandy! We had a great time (except for losing the phone)! I was so relieved!