Saturday, July 15, 2017

Night of Worship Noize 2017 6-30-2017

Vanessa had planned a trip for Keannon's birthday to see Garth Brooks in concert in Lafayette, Louisiana. It was a concerted effort between me, mother and a friend of Vanessa's taking card of the kids!

Kennedy was attending a daytime camp with their church called "Noize Camp". It is kind of like VBS but it was at another campus in Hudson Oaks. Thankfully our neighbor's girls were also attending so she took Kennedy on Thursday and Friday. Kennedy's performance was Friday night.

I picked up Kashton earlier in the day. Kennedy had to be there an hour early so I sent her with the neighbor.

Kashton said he was hungry so I fixed him a "Granddad sandwich". He was watching TV while he was eating. The next thing I know he's asleep!

It got to be time to go to the performance. Mom wanted to go. We planned to take her car. I pick up Kashton and put him in the truck still asleep.

I get to Mom's and transfer him to her car....still asleep.

We drive to Hudson Oaks (about 30 minutes). He's still asleep!

We finally did wake him to go inside. He's never very happy when he first wakes up 😒

We didn't get close seats as the ones who came early with the kids had already reserved the good seats. Then Kennedy's placement in the program wasn't very good for pictures but I got a few.

The girl looking at Kennedy is our neighbor's little girl who is 4 days older than Kennedy. Her name is Samantha or "Sam" as they call her.

Kennedy and Sam after the program.

The performance was great!

Kennedy spent the night with the neighbors and Kashton spent the night with me.

Have a good one!


  1. It's hard to get good photos at a performance but the ones after are great! And Kashton must have been one tired little boy!