Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Have You Heard of Norwex?

I hadn't either until this year when a friend invited me to a "Facebook Party" about Norwex. They are a type of cloth whose unique fibers allow you to clean with no chemicals. Sounds impossible doesn't it? I must admit I was skeptical. I only attended the party to support my friend who was the host .

In the Facebook party the representative for Norwex posts several videos demonstrating the product. I was amazed. So much so that I did purchase some of the cloths.

Please don't misunderstand this post. I am NOT trying to sell you on Norwex. I'm just sharing my own personal experience and then you can decide.

I am a little embarrassed to say I did not immediately use the cloths. I received them and stuck them in a closet. Mainly because I have a housekeeper who speaks limited English once a week and I didn't think I would be able to explain how to use or care for these cloths.

I had a church conference I was registered to attend in Wylie June 22nd. Wylie is over by Plano and
Dallas. All city area. My truck was filthy and I didn't want to look like a "country bumpkin" come to the big city. So the day before I was to leave town I washed my truck and used my Norwex cloths.

I know this isn't the best picture but I just happened to think about taking "before" and "after" pictures right before I put my money in to start the water.

This is the Norwex car mit I used to clean with. All I used was water and this mit.

This is the cloth I used to wipe off the water. It's called the Envirocloth. It's kind of Norwex all purpose cloth.

Look at that shine! I will admit it didn't clean the tires as well but the wheels cleaned good.

For the windows they recommend a different cloth. This is what I used on the windows. It's called a "window cloth"  (How original) 😉

The hardest part for me cleaning a vehicle is the windows. I can never seem to get rid of streaks!

This is looking through the windshield the hardest of the windows to clean. Look, NO STREAKS!

I even cleaned inside the vehicle. I used nothing but a wet Norwex Cloth. Wished I had thought to take a picture of the inside "before". It was really dusty!

Well, there ya have it. Just water and a rag. Pretty cool huh?!

I was a believer when I bought the cloths but I am fully convinced now that I've used them!

Of course they sell all kinds of different products. This was just a few of the their products.

Thanks for bearing with me. I just thought it was too cool not to share 😊

Have a good one!


  1. Interesting. I've never heard of them. Will have to think about it and check it out one day.

    1. You can if you want. Just putting it out there.