Sunday, June 4, 2017

Precious Moment 5-20-2017

I'll tell you right now this will be a little bit different post than I usually share. It is a record of my encounter with God and His presence while enjoying His creation.

I am part of a private "Beta" group of a friend of mine. I can't go into many details right now as she is still in the process of developing this ministry. But I can say her name is Rose. There are only 10 members in all including Rose and her husband. We have a private Facebook page. She communicates with us through live videos once a week. She has also given us some different ideas on spending time with God and journaling.

She had been giving us different prompts for the length of 10 days. Different ways to "spend our time with God".

This day she had just done a video earlier that morning. The challenge for the day was to "Get Out and Smell the Roses". Get outside and connect with God through His creation....right up my alley! This is my most favorite way to connect with him. I thought "this will be easy. I do this all the time". I wasn't however prepared for what was about to happen.

My dear friend Teresa and I had made plans to craft this day. We hadn't finalized plans until I was on my way back from feeding horses.

While at the horses I to a walk through the wooded land next to the horses while they were eating.

I just enjoyed seeing things he created and marveling.

Loves this mix of colors.

I just love cactus blooms. So elegant.

Then I found this heart shaped cactus.

This is a road in the neighboring pasture. It is owned by a brick plant but it is not actively used. There's just something about roads like this that draw me.

After feeding and hearing from Teresa I go home to pack a few craft items and head to her house.

I have my camera with me as I hope to watch the sunset that evening. As I leave the city limits I begin to see wildflowers lining both sides of the road. I tell myself to keep going but as I pass by one batch of flowers that looked like a huge bouquet, I stop and make a u-turn then make another u-turn to be on the right side of the road and get out. If you are interested. The video tells the story 😉

I did take lots of "still" photos before the video.

The proper name for these is Liatris Spicata. I believe the layman's term is "horsemint".

Indian Blankets. I think I called them "Firewheels" in the video. They are called both.

These are Cones . I said I couldn't remember if they were cone or Mexican hats.

I just love these blooms!


I called these "snow on the mountain" but I was wrong 😲

They are Boreal Yarrow. In the "Aster" family.

I don't know what the other one is.

This is the beauty that I videoed.

I headed on to Teresa's and we had a wonderful day. Talking, catching up, crafting and sharing supplies. We vowed to do this very soon! The plan is to get together next Sat as part of my birthday celebrating 😊.

As I see the sun lowering in the sky. I grab my camera and head to the back of their pasture to watch it set.

It was so nice to get to watch the sunset without houses and power lines!

I love reflection pictures!


If you watched the video then you heard me talk about praying against any chigger bites. Well, that didn't work.! I must was worth it 😤

I hope I inspired you to "Get out and smell the roses"!

Have a good one!


  1. Oh my what gorgeous flowers and a wonderful video of your time with God. Beautiful, beautiful. I'm thankful you were safe in your u-turns to walk among these weeds that are so beautiful just like most all of us. We are just weeds but God makes us beautiful in so many different ways. Bless you for sharing and I do hope you did not get any chiggar bites! Love you and your loving heart.

    1. Thanks Sandy! Glad you enjoyed it. Never quite sure how people will take these types of post. Guess they don't have to read them Huh?! I did get chigger bites. I was eat up! But it was worth it :)

  2. and the sunset photos are marvelous!!!