Monday, May 15, 2017

End of School Program May 11, 2017

Thursday May 11th was Mother's Day Out end of school program. Kashton and Korin were both in the program. It was called Down on the Farm.

Here Korin is riding her horse.

Korin was getting into this one! The song said something about turning upside down!

Vanessa videoed with my phone while I took pictures. She may have gotten video of Korin on her phone. Her battery was low so she asked to use mine. You'll hear the shutter throughout the video.

Go here for another video of Kashton in another song. He was in four different ones. Go here for number 3 and here for number 4.

Doing motions to a song.

The song was about a donkey.

It was cute and fun to watch them. They both did a great job! Now school is out for them until the fall.

Have a good one!