Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Ashley's First Ride at the State Park 5-22-2017

Ashley got a new job but we managed to find a day we could go ride. This was her first time to ride the equestrian trail at the park.

I love riding the park this time of year. It is so beautiful! So green and lush. Several places on the trail are covered with a canopy of trees.

Our first water crossing. Although we've not had a lot of rain the creek was full and very pretty!

We came up on a rabbit.  He didn't seem the least bit concerned with us. I can't believe I got this picture of him!

We saw two rabbits, 2 hawks, 2 deer and one armadillo.

Diamond was being a real slow poke! He usually likes to be in the lead. Hmmm....maybe he was pouting 😉

Isn't the scenery beautiful?

Diamond was so pokey!

Good looking horse and good looking rider 😊

Great ride!

I saw these flowers in several places in the park. Aren't they beautiful?

We had a great time.

Have a good one!