Tuesday, April 18, 2017

New Grass New Flowers

Spring is in full swing. I have been replenishing my flowerbeds with new plants and Doyle and I decided to have our front yard graded and new sod put in. Our front yard had become a wasteland with a few weeds and mostly bare spots.

Our next door neighbor's son does that so Doyle called him for an estimate. We agreed that if we were going invest in new grass the best way to keep it alive was to install a sprinkler system too.

On April 4th one of the crew came to grade the yard.

Interesting tidbit, the guy running the tractor is the son whose parents attended church at Perrin where Mom and Dad pastored. Small world 😊

Within a couple of days we had new grass and a sprinkler system! This is looking from the driveway where I park.

We aren't sure who likes the grass more but we think it's Gracie.

Every time she comes outside she will lay in the grass and rub her head on it. Then spin herself in it by pushing with her legs. I have to remember to try to get a video of her doing that! It's pretty funny.

The yard is looking better and so are my flowerbeds.

The flowers in this bed I planted recently.

The larger flowers are perennials that I planted seed last year. They are flourishing. The smaller plants were put in recently.

 The flowering bush is not new all the smaller plants are.

The following pictures are closeups of what I have planted.

I am hoping to attract some fun critters to photograph!

Have a good one!


  1. Your yard looks great! We need some new grass. But we have an area that gets way too much run off so for now we live with dirt or mud.

    1. Thanks! Hoping we can keep it going!