Friday, April 7, 2017

He's Back 3-27-17

After not seeing the hawk for almost a month, I saw it again! I thought it had moved on to more rural territory.

On March 27th after I had fed horses and was backing up to leave for work I stopped dead in my tracks when I spotted the hawk perched on the top rail of the horses fence! I couldn't believe my eyes! My heart began to race and I whispered under my breath asking God to not let him move until I could get my camera out!

It was in the backseat and I had to switch lens. I got all that accomplished and he was still sitting on
the fence. I was afraid to open my truck door so this picture I took through my not-so-clean windshield.

He didn't move so I got a little braver and thought I would try to get another shot outside the truck. I opened my door and tried to position myself to take a picture without getting out. That was too much movement. He took flight.

I watched him land on a light pole in the parking lot of the church. As I drive over to see if I can get more pictures. He flies from the light pole to the roof of the church.

It is here, I stop the truck and get out to ease my way to get a closer view. You can see he's watching me.

Nope, I was too close so off again he goes.

I did manage to get this neat view! I was nearly right under him!

It's hard to see him here against the dark green of the trees.

One last shot before he's out of view. I would have continued to follow him but he went down in a yard with a privacy fence. The one you see in this picture. I can't figure out why he would want to be in a residential area when the area behind me is heavily wooded.

Oh well, it was a fun way to start my morning!

Have a good one!


  1. Such a beautiful hawk! Glad he came back for more photos.

    1. Thanks Sandy! It was a pleasant surprise!