Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Encouragement Through Cards

Of late I have really wanted to send cards just to bring encouragement. I have people in my life that I am acquainted with but aren't necessarily close to yet that are going through very difficult things.  I have felt compelled (probably prompting of Holy Spirit) to make and send cards to them.

One of these people is a woman whose place I filled as the secretary for my church. She and her husband live in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We are Facebook friends.

I don't know about you but I don't always read everything that comes through my news feed.

Well, something caught my attention one day that made me go back through several posts to find out what had happened.

A little over a month ago now. Her daughter (age 51) was found dead in her home. I know no details. When I learned that I was moved with compassion for her. I could not imagine what she must be going through. Her husband also has a pulmonary disease that will shorten his life.

I sent her this card although I changed the sentiment to read "It is hard to find the right words" from the "Worth it All" January 2016 Sentiment Kit. I used another sentiment from that kit on the inside that reads "Put it all away, sit quietly & just breathe".

My hope is it brings her some form of comfort or at least knows I care.

I am in the process of making a card for another woman I know from working with her husband in my cable company days. Sweet people. She is very involved in her church and is the founder of a ministry called "Change" which helps people with getting birth certificates, social security cards, documents needed for work and much much more.

Last week she underwent extensive surgery to remove cancer from her body. She is going through quite an ordeal in this process. She is still currently in the hospital. I don't have that card ready yet but I will post when I do.

I have a really good friend. I won't mention a name as she does occasionally read my blog 😏.

She has really been on my mind a lot. I've been praying for her but have also felt the prompting to send her a card every so often.

This stamp set was so cute! It is from February 2017 KOTM called "Unexpected Places". I stamped the coffee cups again and cut out one to pop up with foam tape. I used a white pencil to color the band and with a red pencil drew a heart and colored in.

Then I had another dear friend whose birthday is exactly to the day 2 months before mine! She looks forward to getting my cards.

Here is what I made her.

I used a Phyllis Harris design by Unity called "I Have No Fears". I used scrap papers to make this. Originally I was going to stamp the sentiment with the image but when I used the oval diecut, it cut part of the sentiment off so I added the sentiment on top and used some foam tape to give some dimension. It's pretty simple but I am happy with how it came out!

Have a good one!


  1. Beautiful cards and such a good reason to make them! You are a caring and wonderful person, Valerie.

    1. Well thank you Sandy! I just know how much I like getting personal notes from people. What better way to encourage and brighten someone's day if I can't see them in person :)